Int. results of the weekend 13/2018

Apr 3, 2018 - 11:21


Congratulations to all riders, breeders and owners of the horses who were placed on international shows during the last weekend:

30.03 Oliva, Valencia (ESP)
Catch me if you can by Catoki out of Agentin by Acordplus - Gloucester 2
Rider: Laura Klaphake (GER)
Breeder: Isabell Ibing, Hessisch Oldendorf
1.50 m 4th place
1.45 m 21st place

01.04. Bonheiden (BEL)
Cantario by Casiro out of A-Cantara by Cantus - Calypso III
Rider: Gilles Thomas (BEL)
Breeder: Stall Kuhn, Eggstedt
1.50 m 10th place

01.04. Wellington (USA)
Catinka by Catoki out of Despina by Luxano - Landor S
Rider: Vanessa Mannix (CAN)
Breeder: Zuchthof Bauer, Ovelgönne
1.45 m 4th place

30.03. Kornenberg (NED)
Mercury by Catoki out of Rose Damour by Dark D'Amour - Luciano
Rider: Natalia Belova (RUS)
Breeder: Rudi Lenges, Recht, Sankt Vith (BEL)
1.45 m 16th place

28.03. Vilamoura (POR)
Quincy 194 by Quaid I out of Anna-Lena by As di Villagana - Graf Grannus
Rider: Taizo Sugitani (JPN)
Breeder: ZG Andrea und Norbert Wulf, Schillfsdorf
1.40 m 8th place

28.03. Arezzo (ITA)
Landlord O by Levisonn out of Fürstin Quinta by Quintender - Fürst Heinrich
Rider: Helena Cassir (GBR)
Breeder: Friedbert Ohsmer, Ganderkesee
1.40 m 9th place
1.35 m 5th place

01.04. Oliva, Valencia (ESP)
Cool Hill 2 by Corlensky G out of Attika by Al Contino - Azarro
Rider: Simone Blum (GER)
Breeder: Stiftung Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt, Neustadt/Dosse
1.40 m 9th place

29.03. Oliva, Valencia (ESP)
Cuffesgrange Qualidam by Quality out of Cuffesgrange Cavalidam by Luidam - Cavalier
Rider: Laura Klaphake (GER)
Breeder: Eamonn Sheehan/Cuffesgrange
1.40 m 12th place
1.40 m 15th place

29.03. Arezzo (ITA)
Castelan 3 by Casiro out of Gracia III by Sandro - Cor de la Bryere
Rider: Monika Noskovicova (SVK)
Breeder: Dirk Hansen, Ottenbüttel
1.40 m 15th place
1.35 m 11th place

30.03. Kronenberg (NED)
Ludwigs As by Ludwig von Bayern out of Belle Bijou by Acord II - Lord Liberty
Rider: Adam Grzegorzewski (POL)
Breeder: Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder
1.40 m 17th place

31.03. Lier (BEL)
Electic Elvis C by Corlensky G out of Annelita C by Guidam - Zeus
Rider: Paola Martini (GRE)
Breeder: Stoeterij Centrum, Niederlande
1.35 m 2nd place

01.04. Arezzo (ITA)
Calle Cool by Catoki out of Quicky by Quidam's Rubin - Chablis
Rider: Andy Witzemann (GER)
Breeder: Betha Niethammer, Ehingen
1.35 m 4th place

02.04. Barbizon (FRA)
Centrino by Casiro out of Hera XXIII by Cantus - Lagos
Rider: Marcel Ewen (LUX)
Breeder: Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder
1.35 m 8th place

01.04. Cagnes-sur-Mer (FRA)
Queeletta by Quality out of Gran Lancarina by Landor S - Chenook
Rider: Timothee Anciaume (FRA)
Breeder: Claus Cornelius, Schwanewede
1.35 m 10th place

30.03. Arezzo (ITA)
Jasmin af Hagalund by Corlensky G out of Candra by Cardento - Calido I
Rider: Clara Hallundbæk (DEN)
Breeder: Hagalunds Sporthästar, Schweden
1.35 m 10th place

29.03. Oliva, Valencia (ESP)
Mustax Catoki's Cannon by Catoki out of Ophelia XI by Exorbitant xx - Calypso I
Rider: Jamal Rahimov (AZE)
Breeder: Heinz Henning, Tremsbüttel
1.35 m 11th place
1.30 m 9th place

29.03. Kronenberg (NED)
Quintana 75 by Quality out of N-Ascania by Adeptus - Constant
Rider: Thomas Brandt (GER)
Breeder: Thomas Brandt, Winsen
1.30 m 2nd place
1.30 m 4th place

02.04. Lanaken (BEL)
Ceks by Catoki out of Zoe V by Casall Ask - Corofino
Rider: Maximilian Weishaupt (GER)
Breeder: Matthias Kühlmann, Rietberg
1.30 m 2nd place

29.03. Bonheiden (BEL)
Canora Z by Clintissimo Z out of Beau D'Artevelde by Boy de la Barre II - Sir de Verneuil xx
Rider: Jérôme Guery (BEL)
Breeder: Jeroen Cepouttre, Belgien
1.30 m 5th place

01.04. Bonheiden (BEL)
Quicksilver by Quaid I out of Canberra by Crazy Classic - Foxhunter
Rider: Fabrice Galdini (BEL)
Breeder: Jürgen Kastens, Dannenberg
1.30 m 7th place

01.04. Lier (BEL)
Gorklintgards Lesotho by Lordanos out of Gorklintgards Malin by Quidam's Rubin - Leandro
Rider: Wilma Heie (SWE)
Breeder: Jorgen Ravn, Dänemark
1.30 m 8th place
1.30 m 12th place

30.03. Arezzo (ITA)
Beautyful by Catoki out of Harrare by Cor de la Bryère - Capitol I
Rider: Jessica Lüdicke (GER)
Breeder: Peter Böge, Schönhorst
1.30 m 11th place

30.03. Lanaken (BEL)
Cool Down by Catoki out of Blankonette III by Lefevre - Inschallah AA
Rider: Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
Breeder: Werner Sandkamp, Gronau
1.30 m 21st place

30.03. Wiener Neustadt (AUT)
Sungai by Stedinger out of Belou by Beluga - Prince Thatch xx
Rider: Jazmin Yom Tov (HUN)
Breeder: Helga und Wilhelm Tergast, Bunde
Inter I 12th place

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