Great exhibition on the Easter Open Day

Mar 30, 2018 - 08:58


On Easter Saturday, the 31st of March 2018 from 11am to 18 pm o'clock, there will be a great exhibition over the whole yard. Not only horse lovers will get their money's worth. Whether jewellery, clothes, beach chairs or agricultural machinery - on this day there is much to see and discover for every visitor.

If you are looking for the right present for Easter, you have the choice between a huge range of lovely gifts. Jewellery of all kinds, crafts, accessories and homemade soaps, horse hair jewelry, self-sewn saddle covers, felt socks and handmade children's trousers with name prints are examples for the diversity of the exhibiton. Many exhibitors also offer beautifully wrapped gift sets. The Easter brunch can be made very exclusive with tasty jams, special chutneys and spreads as well as delicatessen liqueurs.

A big range of equestrian equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Big Pearl offers customized breeches and equitation Auffarth has the latest collections in their luggage. Jose Alvarez is selling the popular riding breeches by Horse Pilot and at Horsedesign, you will not only find a tailor-made riding jacket, but also a pretty scarf or jacket for everyday life apart from the stable.

Alvorado and Seabis show the latest saddle and leather good trends. With the Equestic Saddle Clip, you can track the movements and lines of the training session on your smartphone. At Royal H. you can assemble your own bridle and Franz Equipment has tailor-made leather articles for your horse and dog for sale.

Home and Garden
What fits better into a garden between North Sea and the Weser river than a typical beach chair? The "Strandkorbprofis" (beach chair pros) will present their various models at the farm. Everyone who is looking for nice flowers for the garden or the house will probably find something at "Querbeet". Great for the garden are also the art made of horse shoes and the colourful wooden figures.

Horse care
Only healthy horses can perform in breeding and sport. Many exhibitors will inform the visitors about several therapy methods for horses and riders. Farrier Wilco Meulblok will present his work live, as well as Dr. Hans-Hermann Lagershausen. He will demonstrate how to inseminate a mare and what needs to be done to get a mare pregnant.
Dr. Bruno Leite is an expert for embryo transfer. He will explain how to breed a foal from an active sport mare or a mare who is not able to carry a foal anymore.
Jens Lyke from Derby horsefeed gives a short lecture on how to feed the horses optimally during the field season and stay healthy all year.

Kids Corner
We especially welcome the little guests on Easter Saturday. Besides pony riding and a pets corner, the youth fire service will play games and bake twist bread with the children. The absolute highlight will be a big bouncer castle this year.

Farm equipment
Agriculture vehicles and stable equipment will also be part of the exhibition. The service supply agency, that cultivate our pastures, show their vehicles. These computerised giants empirically fascinate men of all age-groups.
The diggers are also an attraction every year. For the first time, the young company efence, which offers fence systems and feeders, presents their products.

In addition to numerous shopping opportunities, you can also inform yourself about various things. The GVO-insurance helps to find the right insurance coverage. The community Lemwerder shows that the Wesermarsch is a great region to live in and go on vacation. The Oldenburg Horse Breeders Association, EN GARDE Marketing (tournament organizers, including the Hamburg Derby), Escon Marketing (tournament organizers, including Oldenburg) and the association Horses for our Children e.V. provide insights into their work.

Various culinary delicacies will make the day at our stud perfect. Whether ice-cream, French fries, fish sandwiches or freshly made cake from the bakery - there is something to fulfil everyone's desire.

The admission is free and there are enough parking spots for the guests on the fields.

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